Seven reasons why you should think beyond academics



You are good at academics, a 9-pointer, getting accolades from those around you. Nice, but being a nerd isn’t that nice. True, every parent wants the kid to do well in academics, and often discourages the ward when it comes to extracurricular and entrepreneurship in college. Quite often, the voluntary part about the extracurricular makes it not so fascinating for students. Yet, here are seven reasons why you should think beyond your academics and care about your extracurricular activities:

Think Beyond Academics
  1.  It’s ubercool: Taking part in extracurricular makes you one of the coolest persons in the college. People recognise you, and teachers respect you.
  2. Hands-on experience on all you need to know about being professional: It provides you with lots and lots of experience in the field you are interested in. Getting more involved in the things you like will provide you an expertise in it. You can really show off your personal projects and valuable works in your resume. And, yes, your chances of getting hired become double.
  3. It develops your leadership skills: Working in a team or starting up will help you develop your leadership skills. Being a leader doesn’t mean you need to be captain or so, but it means following your ideas, being who you are and taking initiative. Even if your teammates don’t like your concept, they’ll respect you for keeping your ideas in front of everyone.
  4. Gain time-management skills: Managing your academics and extras at the same time will make you a time management guru. Your future employer might get impressed with your time management skills.
  5. Meet different people: You will develop interpersonal as well as communication skills. Moreover, extracurricular participation teaches you how to deal with criticism and work on it in a positive manner.
  6. Boost to confidence: When you develop your skills, it’ll automatically boost up your confidence level and fill you up with optimism. You’ll see life from a new perspective. Small, little things won’t bother you much.
  7. Dream guy: Last but not the least (and something really good for you) - you might be the dream guy of your crush. Girls fall for guys who are an inspiration to others ;)

As a student, you may also come across a lot more opportunities & gain lot more experiences. Do share with us your learnings from extracurriculars.


- Prachi Mishra


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