[Techie Tuesdays] Roundup - 11 techies who made our Tuesdays


We at YourStory really appreciate the support and response that our column Techie Tuesdays has received in the past year or so. It is heartening to see people look forward to this column and, honestly, I do, too. I have a whale of a time writing about the world's best technologists, and today, I can safely say that Techie Tuesdays is one of the longest running columns at YourStory. But that isn't a testament to us. It is a testament to the brilliant minds that are out there today, who have been shying away from the limelight of the media for so long, and all we do is bring their stories out, in an attempt to inspire and motivate you.

So today, it's time to look back at all the amazing minds that we've had the chance to write about and bring to you. Each of these people have remarkable stories and apart from their expertise, it is the circumstances in which they flourished, which makes these people all the more inspiring.

We present to you, 10 of the top techies and their stories that we have had the chance of writing about this quarter -

1) Pranay Airan - This software engineer at Intuit, rates himself a 6/10 in programming and a 8/10 in building products. We think he's a 10/10 Techie Tuesday material - an interesting story of an ordinary guy, with an extraordinary passion for programming and building things.

2) Mayur Pipaliya - His business partners live in Pakistan and he hacks into websites because he can. But more recently, he's helping companies defend themselves from the likes of himself. An interesting story of a guy going from mischief to service.

3) Anenth Guru - Typical Anna University student, who went from being another kid on the block to becoming a CTO of a top startup in Bangalore, at 26. He builds awesome products from one hackathon to another. A great example of how your boy next door can become a Techie Tuesday.

4) Vivek Durai - It is said that interest is all you need. The founder of HumblePaper was a lawyer, who just couldn't be kept away from computers and technology. And when he got his hands on coding, he became a full stack coder. Need we say more?

5) B. Indraneel - An Android freelancer, who was one of Layar's first developers. A shining star in the negative sentiment that surrounds freelancers, Indraneel, aka Indra, is one of the best known names in the Android space. His is the story of how a mechanical engineer, became an ideal freelancer and eventually became an entrepreneur.

6) Soham Mondal - An export of the Manipal Institute of Technology, the founder of the company behind the recording app, Sky Recorder, was a corporate honcho, well on his way to making it into the top echelons of Cisco. Only, he didn't.

7) Shirish Hirekodi - Dropping out today is such a gut wrenching feeling, it would have been unimaginable back in the 90s. Well, this guy did just that. And yet, he worked for the likes Reliance Telecommunications and IBM, before starting up. How did he do it? Read this story.

8) Narayan Babu - He was probably a Techie Tuesday when he was 4 years old, which was the age when he learnt to work on Boolean algebra. He played strategy games on a whiteboard and was proficient in computer languages by the time he was a teenager. So, why did he start up Dexetra?

9) Harish Sivaramakrishnan - A designer, a coder and a rockstar. Is there anything this guy can't do? Find out the life so far of Freecharge's VP design and UX.

10) Pankaj Risbood and Johnathan Matus - Techies so big, that we probably use the products that these guys built on a daily basis. These guys are one of the sharpest minds on the planet and have been recognized by the likes of Jerry Yang and Max Levchin. An awe inspiring story.

Techie Tuesdays will resume as usual from next week, but to meet these guys, you can always come over to TechSparks, on October 5th at ITC Gardenia.


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