An instance of scale that keeps us floored - TechSparks 2013


Scale has undoubtedly entered the book of the most popular buzz words in the startup community across the globe and almost every other tech product startup wants to scale massively. We noticed this ambitious spark amongst the Tech startups in India back in 2010 and wasted no time in launching India’s first platform for these tech startups. Thus was born TechSparks, small and humble, what you’d call the MVP.

The event was a hit and along with the startups chosen to present back then, it was a huge boost for YourStory as well. It gave us the confidence to make it bigger and go all out as well. 2011 was bigger and the first stable version which was accepted by the audience with euphoria. More than 500 attended the event. We then took in feedback and in 2012, TechSparks became an entity, we are very proud of 30 amazing companies, a curated audience of over 1500, including entrepreneurs, investors, stakeholders and startup folks, unveiling of the T30 report, and some amazing discussions made the day something to be marked on the calendar.

And now, we’re ready for the TechSparks 2013 Grand Finale. We are putting in all our efforts to make it a day when all startups come together and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Yes, massive scale comes online, but we all still need to meet physically once in a while to spread the magic online. May October 5 be that day in Bangalore. TechSparks is something very close to our hearts and something which we have nurtured as our baby, here at YourStory. Come, see how it has grown, and discover the things it can do for you.

Website: TechSparks

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