Vivek Kunwar’s serendipitous journey to becoming a filmmaker


Vivek Kunwar was your typical engineering graduate, topped with an MBA degree. “I did my under graduation and then landed up in MDI Gurgaon, much like a natural progression,” says Vivek. He then went on to work with a Fortune 500 steel major, but in the background, fate had something else brewing up for him.Vivek loved photography. He matured as a photographer working as a photojournalist for The Hindustan Times. He was traveling continuously as well, and soon realized that there was a potential to earn equal to his current job if he dived full-time into his passion. And, this is how another engineer-MBA found his path. He started making documentaries and short films.

Vivek had an impressive portfolio and he got Lotto as his first client. He got into communications for corporate and commercial clients, creating photographs and making motion pictures for them. Over the past year and a half, the single proprietorship firm has grown and employs 5 people and some more freelancers at the moment. “Our first project helped us get more, and now we have an interesting client portfolio including KFC, Nissan and GlaxoSmithKline,” says Vivek.

Based out of New Delhi, the firm has shaped into becoming a production house with a wide offering. We recently also wrote about Koval Bhatia who had a similar journey to A Little Anarky and such stories would propel many more to follow their calling. Vivek also says that it has been a very rewarding journey and the intention is to get deeper into film-making. Apart from the commercial work, Vivek is also involved in a few non-profit activities. "I was a part of a fundraiser organized by 'HCC and Thalam Foundation' in Bangalore for the benefit of the underprivileged earlier this year," says Vivek.

One of the Photos that was a part of the exhibition

Another interesting development is in the products space, where Vivek and a few others are trying to build a platform which can be like a Behance for photographers in India. “This idea came along when we were trying build a community of photographers and filmmakers in India,” says Vivek. They’re in talks with a few investors to raise funding for this product as well. “We intend to grow as a production house and build products around the area as well to create a dent in the photography and film-making sector,” signs off Vivek.

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