Three words for entrepreneurs – Clynton Almeida, Chief Information Officer, Redington India Ltd

  • New, niche, and cloud – these are the three things that Clynton Almeida, Chief Information Officer of Redington India Ltd, emphasises as important for wannabe entrepreneurs.New – Go off the beaten track. Not the standard retailing, distribution, manufacturing, but something new. I can see many entrepreneurs now going into things like organic farming or starting an organic store.
  • Niche – Start a particular niche service which is different than the rest. When you want to start up, think of something that is different, that is niche, and that makes a difference, compared to other combinations.
  • Cloud – For startups, cloud can make a big difference. With practically zero capital expenditure, startups can be IT enabled from day one, and put their business on the global map, reaching out across the countries. Despite being small organizations as startups, they can reach out like larger organizations.


Redington, which commenced its India operations in 1993, is today positioned as ‘the largest supply chain solution provider in emerging markets,’ informs the company site. “As a group, Redington is present in India, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the CIS countries.”


Clynton joined Redington, in 2000, as General Manager, Information Technology, and was subsequently in charge of infrastructure and enterprise resource planning divisions. Currently, as the CIO, he heads the information technology team of the company. “Prior to joining the company, he was the Senior Technical Consultant, heading a team for J.D. Edwards enterprise resource planning practice for Systime Computers Ltd in Mumbai. He was also employed with Jumbo Electronics Company Ltd, Dubai, as Manager, Information Technology, and Par Computers International, Mumbai, as an Analyst Programmer.”

From a strategy perspective, his priority is to take Redington as a business to the next level. “It’s not just IT, it’s about business enablement and seeing how technology can take Redington to the future,” says Clynton.


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