Compete with best of the business ideas at Empresario - IIT Kharagpur



Business plan! That’s one of the first things you start working on when you come across an idea. And, like most of the entrepreneurs believe, a business plan gives good clarity to the founding team, right from tasks involved to milestones to be achieved all phases.

If you have an idea and if you are planning to start up, this could be the right time for you to test your idea by taking part in one of the biggest business plan competitions in India, organized by E-cell of IIT Kharagpur.

Empresario is their annual flagship event where students from all across the globe participate and ideas can range from product and service to social, and get equal opportunity to win the prize and incubation money to the tune of Rs 2.5 crore.

Last year, Empresario was launched in association with Dell Social Innovation Challenge. The total prize for the winners were Rs 6 lakh. Also the best 3 entries in the social category got a chance to participate directly in the semi-final rounds of Dell Social Innovation Challenge.

Some of the past student startups who were winners of Empresario are :-1. Clenoventions - a start-up by students of IIT Kharagpur, offers a unique product "SolarEX", which harnesses the entire spectrum of the light giving an efficiency 44% compared to 10-12% in Solar PV and 25% in CSP technology. It also provides safe drinking water along with power generation, making it of utmost utility in rural India where millions of dollars are spent by Government every year for kerosene subsidy and safe drinking water. They were also semi-finalist at DSIC and finalist in Rice Business Plan Competition.

2. Roof For Two - A startup by a team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a unique concept that can help solve the age-old problem of two-wheeler riders who ride daily through rain, sun and the cold. Roof for Two eliminates travel irritation with an affordable and stylish riding canopy. The product is a detachable, collapsible and lightweight motorcycle accessory compatible with most popular two-wheeler models now. With a growing two-wheeler market in India and an even faster growing middle class, the product promises to change the way India rides.

3. Social Cops - a start-up by a Team of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore is a web and mobile platform uses technology to bring together different community stakeholders- citizens, NGOs & local administration to solve civic problems ranging from uncleared garbage & potholes on the road to leaking drainages & dangerous electric poles. They were the winners at INDIAFRICA - A SHARED FUTURE Business Venture Competition and Runners up in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012, Singapore.

4. Team Exyle - a start-up by the students of IIT Kharagpur aims to mission is to apostrophize the never before addressed issues in the Minerals and Metals Industry. It was also one of the Kairos 50 startups held at New York Stock Exchange

5. Wavemac - A startup by the students of IIT Kharagpur is reinventing the way people interact with computers. Gesture controlled product for PCs and laptops.

You can find more details about the event here.