Three words for entrepreneurs – Dorai Thodla, CEO, iMorph Inc.


Idea, implementation, and market. These are the three most important words for new entrepreneurs, according to Dorai Thodla, CEO, iMorph Inc. “These are fairly straight forward for anybody who comes from the tech community,” he adds.

  • Idea – Almost everything in life starts with an idea. Start with an idea, like I am going to build this. Why did I get this idea? Because I saw so many of these problems. So, I am going to solve this problem. And, this is the way I am going to solve this problem. Nobody else is solving the problem in this way.
  • Implementation – The idea is useless without implementation. Implementation is what proves to the world that you are serious, that you can really solve the problem, and validate your idea.
  • Market – If you have a great idea, and you have fantastic implementation, but if there is no market need for it, it’s going to be very useless.

Dorai Thodla

  • “Exploring Ideas and Innovation. Learning about learning, and thinking about thinking. Trying to make sense of it all.” That is how Dorai introduces himself in his twitter page. Among his recent #innovation tweets are the following:“Paper Generators: Harvesting Energy from Touching, Rubbing & Slidin”
  • “A Smartphone Charger That Sniffs for Malware” #mobiledevices
  • 10 NASA Inventions You Might Use Every Day
  • Innovative New Sensor May Help Detect Freshness of Store Food #sensors

And, among #trends that catch Dorai’s attention are:

  • “@pieroleo: A list of top IT #trends ~ please also think about the drivers, barriers and opportunities
  • “The world will spend a whopping $2.1 trillion on tech in 2013” #predictions
  • “The array is first large U.S. solar plant with a thermal energy storage system” #solar #energy
  • China and India, will be the world’s main source for skilled workers, adding 184m college grads

(In this video, on emerging trends, you can hear Dorai talking about how Coursera and Udacity are causing ripples among Indian students.)


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