Makers of tamper-proof bags - Dynaflex


If you have ever wrapped important documents/papers you’d to send long distance in plastic bags, then its quite likely that you have used a Dynaflex bag. Or maybe the latest apparel shopping you did was handed to you in a Dyanflex product. A bulk manufacturer of plastic bags and envelopes, Dynaflex has been in the manufacturing space for almost four decades and today works with clients across sectors -- education, immigration, police and forensic departments, aviation, defence, banking, gems & jewellery etc.

Gaurav Vora

Dynaflex’s original business started from making bags for soap, salt and hosiery industry and over the years they have transitioned into a plastics manufacturer. Gaurav Vora, director, Dynaflex is the second-gen entrepreneur at the helm of affairs at Dynaflex. He is backed by a 200-member team that includes experienced professionals as well as freshers. Started about 40 years back, Dynaflex is the leading manufacturer of security and tamper evident envelopes and bags, which Gaurav says has been possible because of their early investment in technology and machinery. Their early focus on machinery and technology has also earned the company two patents and Dynaflex among the Top 10 companies in this specialized manufacturing segment in the world.

As a second-gen entrepreneur, Gaurav believes the mantra for success is the need to be reliable at all points in time. “Dynaflex invests heavily in R&D and product development. One of the reasons we have been able to survive and grow is because of the focus on quality,” said Gaurav. Started as India's first printed packaging company, Dynaflex earlier helped brands like Nirma and Tata Salt with their packaging needs. As time progressed and world changed, the company shifted gears from product packaging to making carry bags and tamper proof bags -- owing to the opportunity they spotted.

Today they export high quality security tamper evident envelopes and bags to about 40 countries and produce 185 million pieces annually. The list of buyers includes Government and semi government departments, police and forensic departments, embassies and other organisations who are extra sensitive towards security. While they operate in a niche, Gaurav admits they still face challenge from low-quality product manufacturers, who sell products at a low price. “Buyers get confused at times with cheaper low quality alternatives as it is easy to make a few pieces or samples by copying a high quality sample,” explains Gaurav.The government ban on plastics has not affected Dynaflex, as the space they operate in very specialized. They also have in place the required mechanism to collect discarded bags and recycle them. However, Gaurav chooses to pass the question of the future of their business if government regulations become more stringent. And says he is confident of being able to adapt and invest in enough measures that will help them continue growing in a complainant manner.