How FlatDotTo makes it easier for students to find places to stay around their colleges



After making through the admissions, the next big challenge for any student who has moved to a different city to pursue education is to find suitable accommodation. Many a times, it so happens that students in search of good accommodation, they often get duped by local agents for high rent or properties with no proper facilities. I’m sure most of the student who has shifted to different cities would have come across an experience close to this.

Gaurav Munjal, the founder of FlatDotTo had a similar experience back in 3rd year of his college. He worked on the idea during his internship and went on to take up a job at Directi but quit within a year and started up FlatDotTo. It is a platform where a student gets access to right accommodation, based on their needs without going through the hassles of running around in new cities. The company has managed to raise funding as well and has recently come up with some exciting new features. Here, we talk to Gaurav as to how are they helping out the students:

Me: So what makes Flat.To unique, as there are already many big players in real estate?Gaurav: Among all the existing real estate sites, only around 30% of the properties are available for bachelors & students, but on our site, it’s a 100% focus on students & bachelors.

It also comes with lots of features, for instance, they can search through locality & college. One big difference is that we tie-up with colleges & so far, we have tie-up with more than 60 colleges in Mumbai alone.

Me: How has been the response from student community?

G: The response has been tremendous. Students are literally thanking that they needed something like this. Even the deans & principals of colleges are very happy, as accommodation is a big problem for them & someone is solving it for them.

FlatDotTo also comes in with some of the unique features, like Share your Flat, Flatmate finder which is one of its kind, solving one of the biggest pain points for students.

With Share your flat feature, a student living in a flat with vacancy for extra students can post a vacancy on FlatDotTo as tenants & share it with other students.

With Flatmate finder feature, students can also look out for flatmates who are also searching for accommodation, they can get connected through facebook & then decide on sharing the flats based on their needs.

Gaurav adds “this feature was suggested by a student, where earlier they were posting images of their flats to look out for flatmates on facebook communities”.

Along with these, students can also sort & lookout for accommodation options based on their distance preferences. It also comes with Recommended Brokers, which makes it easier for students to find the right brokers. They can also view images, get relevant info about the owner/broker, rent & deposit, and surrounding places like restaurants & theatres, shopping malls, ATM etc, along with their distance from their flats.

Gaurav says that by the end of this year, they are also targeting to reach out to Pune & Bangalore.

With all these interesting offerings from FlatDotTo, I’m sure it’s surely make the process of finding accommodation a whole lots easier for students.