Kidovators from Gyan Lab - National level technical challenge for school students



After the launch of Wonderbox, a DIY educational kit for students to get hands-on experience in building creative projects, Gyan Lab is all set to launch a national level technical challenge.

Priyadeep Sinha says, “Kidovators challenge is a platform for school kids to show their preparedness for life. Gyan Lab is promoting the concept of fun-ducation, learn while you have fun”.

They believe that all kids are born geniuses, and the main focus of Gyan Lab Kidovators Challenge is to enhance the application ability of kids in a relaxed, fun environment and take care of skill development during school life.

Through Kidovators, they aim to provide a diagnostic test, which can help students realize their strengths and weaknesses while they are having fun.

The competition will be held in 60+ cities and towns in India with invitations going to 10000+ schools. Priyadeep says, “We hope to attract a large pool (30,000+) of students for the event”.

The Gyan Lab Kidovators Challenge is open for all students between class 3 to class 8. It will be held in two rounds, where first round will be a multiple choice questions based quiz. Round 2 will be a Tech Race, where Top 25 students of each grade from round I would be invited to participate. In this round, kids will have to solve problems using the most hands-on technologies available in their vicinity, using limited resources, credits and time that would be given to them. The most optimized solution in every grade would be adjudged the winner.

You can find more details about The Gyan Lab Kidovators Challenge at their website.


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