Three words for entrepreneurs – Han Ozturk, Director, Nectar Group Ltd, UK

  • Knowledge, innovation, and social skills – these are the three words that Han Ozturk, Director in the UK-based Nectar Group Ltd, considers as the most important for wannabe entrepreneurs.Knowledge – You need to know about the thing that you want to do. Some knowledge about the project you should have; knowledge that will enable to get up and be going.
  • Innovation – You have to be different from the crowd, in the way that you devise something, the way that you think, and the way that you apply, in whatever you are going to do. I think it is the second most important.
  • Social skills – You can never achieve anything all on your own. You need to be able to interact with other people and bring others into your circle in order to be able to succeed.


Nectar Group – the winner of ‘The best ship unloading/ loading system’ at the IBJ Awards 2012 (Hamburg) – provides solutions for handling bulk commodities worldwide. “From the development of our mobile bagging machines called Compac series which can bag free-flowing cargo at a rate of 140 tonnes per hour, to projects involving lightening and discharging vessels in port, to providing a complete consultation process with clients to build the most efficient cargo handling facilities, Nectar Group has the experience to assist in all aspects of bulk handling throughout the world,” the site informs.

Since starting in 1972, Nectar has operated in 74 countries, and handled more than 50 million tonnes of cargo, writes Han, in an industry journal. Han’s job is about finding new markets for Nectar’s services. “We search for local partners because we believe that, to succeed in any country, we need to have good, supportive, local partners, from commercial, social, and political points of view,” he says.