I-nu-it aims to automate SMEs' processes with its affordable software on the cloud

I-nu-it aims to automate SMEs' processes with its affordable software on the cloud

Friday October 18, 2013,

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In India, there are more than 18 million SMEs driving 40% GDP of the country. SMEs cannot afford expensive solutions and, therefore, need to have a quick and simple software to automate their business processes. I-nu-it is an affordable software on the cloud which aims to create a SME business evolution by providing them with an affordable, easy & quick software solution.


Inuit Cloud Technologies, yesterday announced the proposed launch of its gold medal winner product I-nu-it (pronounced as “I knew it”), on November 1, 2013, in Bangalore, on the Karnataka Rajyotsava Day. The brain behind the product, Sharath Chander Punthambekar has won the gold medal of the Government of India Department of Science and Technology, and Lockheed Martin, US, for the Best Innovation on the Cloud.

I-nu-it is designed and developed using Ruby on Rails. The test driven development methodology is being used along with behavior driven development approaches, which provides the user, the advantage of agile technology in having quick turnarounds to implement any last mile customizations, if required.

“I-nu-it's market survey conducted by internationally acclaimed IC2 Institute, Austin, University of Texas, expressed that they need a solution like I-nu-it, in India which is lacking in access to affordable information to manage day to day operations. I-nu-it achieved this by involving prospects during the development of the software ensuring that not only there was a feature and price match but also ease in navigation using behavior driven development approach of agile methodologies,” said Sharath.

I-nu-it was co-founded in 2011 by M. H. Narasimhan, the angel investor and the CEO, and Sharath Chander Punthambekar, the brain behind the product and the CTO. I-nu-it will provide the 5-12-5 advantage to SMEs of India. With a negligible amount of Rs 5 per day per user, the 12 critical metrics of any organization like order processing, purchases, inventory, deliveries, sales, payments, receipts etc., are covered and implemented in just 5 days time. I-nu-it has no additional fee appended to its use whatsoever - no licence, implementation, customization, maintenance, enhancement, version upgrade, or consultant fees.

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