Mitra Biotech raises Series B round from Tata Capital Innovation Fund


Financial advisory firm Masterkey Holdings today announced the closure of the Series B Fund raise for Mitra Biotech from Tata Capital Innovations Fund.Mitra Biotech Pvt Ltd is a transnational Biology company focused on “Patient Segregation” in the area of cancer research. Mitra Biotech has developed a novel technology for the creation of local microenvironment mirroring tumor microenvironment for different cancers. They have developed diagnostic tests for targeted drugs, chemotherapeutics and for auto-immune diseases and inflammatory disorders.

Founded by a team of medical researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School, and with R&D centre in Bangalore and labs at Boston, Mitra Biotech works with some of the country's top oncology institutes to determine the optimal drug or combination of drugs for patients. This helps reduce the overall treatment cycle and toxicity of conventional cancer medicines.

Mitra Biotech first raised venture funding form Accel partners, India Innovation Fund and Kitven, for the development of Oncoprint their IP-based product with applications in Translational Biology and Theranostics. The latest round of funding will be used to scale operations, expand globally and strengthen the business development and research teams.

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