Find your ‘Signature Strengths’



Most of us keep thinking about how to improve ourselves, and how to get rid of our weaknesses. The natural propensity, when we think of self-improvement, is to look a lot at our weaknesses. While that could be a way of improving, it does not ensure for us remarkable growth and the possibility of flourishing.

World-renowned psychiatrist-cum-professor at University of Pennsylvania, Dr Martin E. P. Seligman, who is the pioneer in the study of positive psychology, tells us with great clarity, and cites research on, what it takes to actually flourish, in his book ‘Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being.’ I sincerely request all of you to grab a copy of Flourish, to find your own meanings in the book.

Here is something I would love to share from his study, about finding your ‘Signature Strengths.’ Therapists across the world agree that getting people in touch with their strengths, rather than correcting their weaknesses, is particularly beneficial in improving their overall wellbeing. The crucial step in this process is systematic: it begins when you take the Values in Action (VIA) Signature Strengths Test. The purpose of this exercise is to encourage you to own your Signature Strengths by finding new and more frequent uses of them.

According to Seligman, Signature Strength has the following hallmarks: a rapid learning curve as the strength is first practised; a sense of ownership and authenticity (this is the real me); invigoration rather than exhaustion while using the strength; a feeling of inevitability while using it (try and stop me); creation of personal projects that revolve around it; and, of course, joy, enthusiasm, and even ecstasy, while using it.

Please take this test and find out in real time your Signature strength for yourself. I took the test and was so surprised to see that it accurately matched what i believed are my strengths :-)

This questionnaire was developed by Chris Peterson, a professor at the University of Michigan.

Now start using your strength and see how it makes you feel, and gets you to make the most of what you can and are meant to be.

Looking forward to know what your strengths are, so that we can be strong individuals and professionals together.


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