Three words for entrepreneurs - Sivakumar Malli, co-founder, GoldenMile Solutions

  • Idea, passion, and hard work – these are three most important things for new entrepreneurs says Sivakumar Malli, Co founder, GoldenMile Solutions.Idea – We may come across an idea that could be based on our own past experiences, about something we have studied, learned. Or we come across an excellent idea somewhere that is looking great in one geography, and we have an intuition that it can potentially work here in India as well. Or it could be a very, very simple idea which we feel can be taken to the markets globally. It could be any idea at the end of the day. If we believe that it could be something scalable, I think that is going to very important.
  • Passion – I talk about passion because I believe anything we do we need to build passion in to that. And that will be the key to success. Whether we are working in a job or whether we are running a company, I think its going to be extremely important.
  • Hard work – Having an idea, looking at big numbers, it’s all great, but end of the day, if we don’t put the required inputs in terms of hard work, that will not succeed. So it’s very important to visualise how we turn our overall vision into objectives, into goals, into possibly small, small projects, further breaking them down into activities. And meticulously executing them thereafter will be critical. Execution is as important as an idea. So an idea without execution is meaningless.


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