MOOC for next-gen education – Uzity on cloud, from Foradian, going beyond LMS


While there are multiple learning management system (LMS) platforms in the market, Foradian was constantly being asked by its customers to integrate the LMS feature within its Fedena platform. How did Unni Krishnan Koroth, co-founder of Foradian, respond to these requests?“We didn't want to lose focus from our product Fedena; so, we took a passive role in the LMS requirement, and we simply gave references to open source LMS like Moodle to our customers,” says Unni. “Moodle is a very good product, considering the number of features it has. But, we got bad reviews about Moodle and similar applications from our customers. One reason was the user experience design of the LMS product, which was very confusing to first-time users. So, we needed a product that could complement user experience of Fedena,” says Unni Krishnan Koroth, co-founder, Foradian.

And, this real need and demand coming from customers in the market led to the birth of Uzity, a new LMS on the cloud from the Foradian stable.The team at Foradian is excited about this product; they believe that they have a solid advantage to penetrate the education market with Uzity. After all, they are in 40,000 schools already.

What also gives them edge is the deeper understanding they have gained while serving this segment of the market. “We know the problems faced by teachers and admins of institutions when it comes to course management. We have presented Uzity as a MOOC (massive open online course) platform instead of a standard LMS. While other MOOC platforms and e-learning initiatives claim they want to change the world by focusing on content creators, we focus on the teachers and institution admins” adds Unni.

(L-R) Sooraj TP, Anoop, Deviprasad & Sanjay

“For the next six months, we will focus on nurturing 2 or 3 organizations in Uzity and helping them one-to-one to develop and distribute their courses through the platform. This will also help us iterate and improve on the product from the real feedback coming on ground” says Unni

Check out what Uzity does in the below video:

Foradian’s product Fedena is one of the fastest-growing school ERP solutions for the next-gen of educational institutions. Foradian was also the winner of Edustars 2012.


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