Design and technology firm DSYN launches a product for A/B testing on mobile: Appiterate


DSYN is a design and technology services company that has an impressive portfolio with the likes of ICICI Bank, Samsung and Zomato. A formidable founding team, the company has been into services for a good two years and has been able to generate enough revenues to allow them to focus on building products that can truly achieve scale. “We had done it for other companies and had the experience in building products,” says Tanuj Mendiratta, one of the co-founders. DSYN has launched Appiterate, a product for A/B testing on mobile.A/B testing is a methodology to test out two variants and experiment to find out which version works better with the audience. A lot has been happening in the web space with A/B testing and it has now caught up on the mobile. There have been recent announcements about startups trying this out in different geographies and Appiterate is building the product from India. “Iterative feature and design optimization on mobile apps is a big pain point for app publishers who are constantly looking for ways to improve in-app purchases, user engagement and conversions. Appiterate provides a platform for iOS and Android app developers to systematically improve key metrics relevant to them and monetize their apps better,” says Tanuj.

Quick iterations on native mobile apps are tricky since any change in an app has to be updated through the app stores. This makes new feature introduction a bit risky, as there is no way for a company to statistically test how users will react to new features/changes in the app. The team at Appiterate felt that there is an urgent need for a mobile A/B testing product that allows app publishers to take a data driven approach in product optimization for native apps and hence came up with the product.

Appiterate enables developers and product managers to run A/B tests on virtually any element of a mobile app, including formatting and placement of Call to Action (CTA) elements, text, images, workflows. This is done via a visual drag-and-drop interface. All these changes can be made live in app in real-time, without making an update to app stores. Multivariate tests can be created with ability to run them on particular segments based on demographic and behavioral parameters.

The product has four pricing models beginning with the basic developer version at $49 per month. Appiterate is focusing on ecommerce and gaming apps to be its major users. “We are working with a bunch of venture fund backed companies. Reviews42, a price comparison app for iOS and Android, is one of our customers who witnesses an increase in their referrals by as much as 28%,” says Tanuj.

In the longer run, Appiterate is working towards being a complete app management suite. They recently showcased some of these features at Techcrunch Disrupt 2013 in San Francisco as well. Although there is no need to have coding knowledge to use the platform, developers and power users can run code-based split tests along with the visual interface to achieve their customized specific requirements. Check out Appiterate.


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