YourStory brings Global AWS Cloud Kata learning sessions to India


John Taschek, VP of Strategy at recently wrote, “Yes, after 5 years of being a big fan of cloud computing, I admit defeat. I am, as of today, changing my worldview.” Don’t get shocked, his next words were, “Cloud Computing is no longer the future. Cloud Computing is now an accepted reality – it’s the present - the market has tipped.”That tech solutions today must be cloud-based, is a foregone conclusion. But how do you truly leverage cloud computing as a startup? After New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, YourStory is delighted to bring the global AWS Cloud Kata learning sessions to India. Kata (型 or 形 literally: "form") refers to a series of choreographed patterns of movements used for teaching, through which successful techniques are mastered. And that’s exactly what the Cloud Kata sessions aim to do.

Join the AWS team for a day of live discussions as well as business and technical mentoring on the latest cloud computing best practices. Geared specifically to growing startups and development teams, the Cloud Kata sessions will guide you through tips, customer testimonials and technical best practices to help you grow faster on the AWS Cloud.

Who should attend?

  • Startup business and technical founders, and developers who are eager to learn how to run lean and scale fast to build their next big thing.
  • Development teams, engineers, architects and system administrators from enterprises who are eager to learn how to deploy applications in highly available, scalable architectures.

Ten reasons to attend:

  1. Discover pro tips that help your startups as you go from idea to minimum viable product (MVP), to scale, and ultimately to profitability.
  2. See live demonstrations and learn more about services such as Amazon EC2, Relational Database Service (RDS), S3, CloudFront, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  3. Leverage AWS reference architectures, SDK, and services to build your MVP quickly.
  4. Get hands-on guidance and coaching on how to build your MVP on the AWS Cloud.
  5. Gain insights on the six best practices for "cost aware architecting".
  6. Explore smart ways to lower your costs by leveraging various AWS pricing models.
  7. Learn first-hand from India startups on how they succeeded with AWS.
  8. Find the best fit for your co-founder, your technical stack and services, and the right architecture for now and the future.
  9. Network with your peers and the AWS team.
  10. Bonus: Understand venture capital (VC), how it works, and how to pitch to VC’s to obtain the capital needed to grow your startup.

Where & when

  • Mumbai: 14th December, 2013. Venue: IIT, Powai
  • Delhi: 11th January, 2014. Venue: IIT, Delhi
  • Bangalore: 15th February, 2014. Venue: IIM, Bangalore

Broad agenda

  • Welcome address
  • AWS Training: Hands-on training and coding on the latest AWS services and APIs
  • Getting to Minimum Viable Product 'MVP' on AWS
  • Getting to scale on AWS
  • Getting to profitability on AWS
  • Technical Co-founder Handbook
  • Panel discussion: Venture Capital, Funding and Pitching with top VCs
  • VC break-out sessions: Share your business plans and get direct feedback.
  • AWS Coding Challenge: Watch 20 developers compete head-to-head at the AWS Coding Challenge live.
  • Networking reception and snacks: Network with entrepreneurs, hackers and AWS members.

More details will follow shortly. But as seats are limited, apply for the free learning session right away!


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