Cocktail drink, Lounge Myx, is the latest offering from this seasoned entrepreneur


If you love cocktails, but hate the price at which they are served at bars, you must try Lounge Myx. Produced & marketed by Greenways Food & Beverages, Lounge Myx is positioned as a cocktail/mocktail beverage that brings popular cocktails like Mojito, Margarita, Sex on the beach, Cosmopolitan, etc in a can and can be mixed with alcohol to make your cocktail of choice.

Dr. Sachin Chopda

Lounge Myx is one of the first products launched and marketed by Greenways, headed by Dr. Sachin Chopda. The parent company of Greenways – Pushpam Group – has interests across sectors like petroleum, healthcare and now food. Lounge Myx was launched earlier this year, but the founder has been an entrepreneur over the last five decades. About his diverse interests, Dr. Chopda says he is proud of the fact that he has been able to do a variety of business and successfully at that. “Most diversifications has been because, as a group, Pushpam has been very perceptive of customer's needs and our business diversification strategy has been in line with products and services that customers will have demand for,” he explains.

An engineer by qualification, Dr. Chopda gained his doctorate in healthcare and nutrition science and has experience in IT, mobile, healthcare areas. His entry into the beverage space is because of the opportunity the Rs 6,000 crore space offers. Growing at a CAGR of 20%, the beverage business will continue to grow well in years ahead, he says. “It is astonishing that less than 3 litres of soft beverages is consumed per capita per annum in India, as compared to whopping 216 litres consumption per capita per annum in USA. Therefore Indian market has a huge potential which can be exploited with the introduction of new well defined products,” he says. Indians' need for variety and a growing youth population, were the other factors that fuelled this move.

Started in 1966 in Pune, Pushpam Group has been growing in the region of 35% YOY. Besides business diversification, Pushpam is also exporting its products to European and Middle Eastern markets. He steers clear of choosing a favourite among the various businesses, but admits building brands in today's digital age is difficult compared to 60s or 70s. However the passion of doing something different and creating a successful business empire has always governed his journey as an entrepreneur, says Dr. Chopda.

With the latest offering, Dr. Chopda is reliving the starting up experience. And says he will follow his tried and tested formula of hard work, honesty and integrity to take Lounge Myx to greater heights. We wish him luck!


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