Courseeplus: Connecting knowledge providers with seekers


In 2012, Chidambaresan Ananthan, an alumnus of National Engineering College, and his three friends -- Ponprakash Ponnusamy, Ponkumaresh Jothi and Kathiravan Dhanapathy -- were on the lookout for a few technical courses online. They couldn’t find what they wanted, and that futile search led them to explore a solution for this problem. Why not build a platform where industry experts who wanted to share their learning could do so, they thought. And that’s how they decided to start Courseeplus.The debate is still on about the success rate of massive open online courses (MOOC) in the education sector. But there has been a definite shift in students’ behaviour and the way they consume information using online courses. Noteworthy is the good adoption rate among students even from developing countries like India. A major challenge for most of the MOOC platforms is how to get quality courses from industry experts, which makes up a big chunk of their expenses.

Chennai-based Courseeplus focuses on this market segment using a different strategy. Unlike others, Courseeplus offers a platform for all the educators to create content and offer it on their portal. It connects knowledge providers with knowledge seekers. It, currently, has 55 courses, 82 course creators and 1700+ users. They have reach in 43 college campuses now, and also have three technology product-based companies adopting their product.

Courseeplus Online learning engine is an online authoring tool, which helps users create video presentations, online courses and online training across diverse topics in simple steps even without any knowledge of the how-tos of e-learning content creation and instructional design. Course creator can create storyboard, content, graphics, and assessments using single click and drop. They also have inbuilt libraries for voice, images and themes, which reduce the cost of translation and voice over process.

“Most of the MOOC websites like Coursera and Edx provide online courses. They source the course from experts and create it with their team. Experts with less e-learning content knowledge suffer while trying to find e-learning course creators and if they find any, they are expensive. It is after analyzing these pain points that we created an online platform in which the course creator can easily create the course without the help of e-learning experts. We offer a curriculum that focuses on employability, especially on web technology related courses. That has received a good response from the student community,” Chidambaresan says.

He says that their main focus is to create employability based courses to hike employment opportunities for ca

ndidates. They also offer tablet based education.

You can check out more details about Courseeplus here.


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