Two sisters identify their passion in CraftCart


When there is true passion, it overcomes all the hindrance. This became more evident to me after catching up with Ruchika, co-founder of CraftCart. She is a scientist by profession working with biotechnology giant Biocon and yet able to balance herself by also working with her sister on CraftCart, who together share the same passion for handmade crafts.

Craft cart was started by Ritu and Ruchika to explore on their hobby and after spending lot of time, realized that they wanted to take their hobby to the next stage. With the encouragement of their friends and family, the duo finally kickstarted CraftCart as an online marketplace for handmade craft products.

Ruckika shares, “We at CraftCart are a small team of two sisters, who are from different fields but it’s our love & enthusiasm for craft that encouraged us for this entrepreneurial endeavor. Ritu is a commercial artist and I’m a scientist, but we were always keen on taking up a venture like this. Our passion for making handmade craft products propelled us to start this venture”.

Ruchika and Ritu

All the products on CraftCart are completely handmade and they make some very beautiful products like quilled miniatures, accessories, jewelry, greeting cards, candles, newspaper boxes, baskets, lampshade etc. They would also give opportunity to those who were always fascinated by craft & made handmade craft products, as hobby but never got an opportunity to take them forward.

They believe that a handmade product is always more special as a little part of the creator of that piece goes into it. Artists put their ideas, personality, style, and often love, and care into their work. These handmade products are generally made with more traditional and environmentally conscious methods which often utilizes recycled or recyclable materials.

They also encourage other individuals or organizations to sell their handmade crafts through their portal. Anyone with handmade products can make use of CraftCart platform to sell their products with their own branding. The only criteria to be able to sell their products on CraftCart is that a major chunk of it has to be handmade. They will be charged a min of 15% of the total sale price, which covers logistics and other packing expenses.

Due to their keen interest in teaching, the duo has been conducting workshops for children through many NGOs. They also plan to collaborate with a few NGOs to scale their production and cater to a larger audience by next year.

You can check out their beautiful collection on their website. You can also get connected to them on their FB page here.