Dolphin Browser launches its customized version for India


Dolphin Browser, Sequoia Capital and Qualcomm Ventures backed third-party smartphone browser with over 80 million installs worldwide, recently announced the launch of a newly customized version for India. Speaking at the launch, Edith Yeung, VP of Business Development, said, “India is the third largest smartphone market in the world, with an estimated 67 million subscribers and is growing four times faster than the global average. We are very excited to be here and definitely want to better tailored Dolphin for the Indian market.” He mentioned that India is a key market for Dolphin Browser and they are keen on coming up with customized offerings for India.

Dolphin Browser has streamlined access to the some important elements of mobile browsing, offering single swipe access to the browser menu, tab lists and creating its very own Gesture and Sonar features. Users also have the ability to specify search parameters directly within Dolphin Browser, limiting their search to Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay and YouTube. These distinctions on mobile can allow users to save time by immediately taking them to the information they need, in the format they want.Yongzhi Yang, founder and CEO, said, “When we built Dolphin in 2010, our goal was to create the best mobile browsing experience for the world. We believe that by giving people better access to mobile Internet, it will help them better access the world and truly change the way they live. Now, more than 55% of mobile phone owners use their phone to go online. The browser will continue to be the go-to app for mobile devices and we are committed to providing the best browsing experience to the world.”

Dolphin’s has seen a good adoption in global markets with some of the largest carriers and OEMs worldwide. The top Dolphin markets are the US, China and Japan, with strong growth in Southeast Asia. The company launched the latest version of the browser in India, tailored specifically for the Indian audience. It offered India-specific bookmarks, speed dials, wallpaper and language options to give local users a new and unique experience.

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