Entrepreneurs: Stay fit, unveiling a cool offer from GetActive


Here is a quick shout-out to all the entrepreneurs out there!

Entrepreneurs are passionate super-heroes that make their vision into reality with dedication, crazy effort and energy. But in the process of building our companies, are we taking care of ourselves? At the end of the day, your companies will grow when you stay active and engaged. What did you do today to ensure you stay fit and healthy?

To make life easier for you, we bring to you a super cool offer from GetActive - 38% off on their flagship product GetActive Slim - a cool & slim device to track steps, distance, calories, active time & sleep.

The offer is valid till the end of November. All you have to do is:

1) Visit GetActive Slim and click on "buy now"

2) Please enter the promotional code GETACTIVE499 for special YourStory.com discount and checkout

So what are you waiting for? GetActive today!


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