Exploring new food markets - Haruhiko Honda, Business Relationship Manager, Kami Trading


An important responsibility of an entrepreneur is to explore new markets, be it for growth or survival. “Exploring new markets and targeting customers who may not engage with a different brand could be a costly exercise,” cautions Alison Coleman in an article addressed to small businesses. To diversify successfully, Coleman’s advice is to have a well-established core business, do thorough research of potential new markets, and ensure you have the right people to help manage a diversification strategy.Haruhiko Honda, Business Relationship Manager in Kami Trading LLC, is doing just that, after establishing the company’s business in UAE. “I am from Japan. I am working in the food industry,” he introduces himself, during a brief interaction with YourStory. “I have come to India for setting up a company, to supply Japanese foods to hotels, and also to the Japanese people living here. And, to Indians, too, because Indians have started loving Japanese foods. So, I know the many possibilities here. My company is not into big investment, but I come here and am willing to stay here for setting up, and I am going to enjoy my business here.”

Search for ‘Japanese food India,’ and what catches the eye is a series of news reports about the Japanese Food Season in India, on till February 2014, to popularise Japanese food through retail stores, restaurants and malls. “In India, there are only a handful of restaurants which offer authentic Japanese cuisine. We want to help India develop the taste for our cuisine and make it popular,” reads a quote in a story.“So, first I have just come here, to know the market,” explains Honda. “I visited the Japanese restaurants in Indian cities, such as Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune. I have met the people like the F&B (food and beverage) manager in hotels, got their business cards and contact numbers.” As for the formation of company and all the related paper work, which Honda finds to be ‘complicated,’ he has hired a chartered accountant. “What is important is just come here to meet people,” underlines Honda. “I do what I like to. I just do it, and then I can see…”


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