Making India-Israel bonds stronger with India Cyber Connect


India Cyber Connect is a Pune-based startup which focuses on enhancing India’s cyberspace through high-impact collaborative activities between Indian and foreign cyber security firms. They also help cyber-SMEs with instrumental services such as marketing, PR, and handling of client relations.

It is founded and led by Vishal Dharmadhikari, 21-year old entrepreneur who started ICC with an extensive academic security background. He holds a bachelors degree in Intelligent Studies at American Military University (AMU) with interest in international relations and diplomacy.

How did India Cyber Connect start?

I studied and worked in Israel from 2012-2013 and came in close contact with this nation’s prowess in innovation and technology. Just as India is acquiring Israeli technologies in agriculture, clean-tech, and other fields, I believed the same was possible for the field of cyber security. As India continues to digitize at a rapid pace, we will increasingly need innovative technologies from natural-allies such as Israel to secure our cyberspace. India Cyber Connect seeks to bring cross-border partnerships to life; as any positive activity generated from such alliances would significantly enhance our cyberspace. For instance, a joint-product combining the skills of Israeli and Indian cyber-entrepreneurs could address multiple cyber-threats.

What inspired you to start India Cyber Connect?

The inspiration to start-up India Cyber Connect arises from a business-event I organized in Israel called India-Israel Cyber security Connect. India-Israel Cyber security Connect (IICC) featured as a sub-event in Israel’s largest cyber security event, i.e., the 3rd Annual International Cyber security Conference. IICC brought together high-level governmental and corporate cyber security experts along with start-ups to promote Indo-Israeli cyber security cooperation. Attendees included participants from Embassy of India in Israel, Israel's Ministry of Economy, Israel Space Agency, and the National Cyber Security Directorate. The result of this business-event was a joint-venture between two Indian and two Israeli firms called “E-Core Agile Security Services”. Our current marketing executive, Mr. Justin Visser, also played an instrumental role in success of the event. Following such accomplishments, I clearly saw that this was just the beginning of things. Establishing dialogue between two nations would mean nothing, as actions and not dialogue make the difference.

India Cyber Connect was then established an initiative to bridge gaps in India’s cyber security ecosystem through promoting high-impact collaborative activities between Indian and foreign cyber security firms.

What are your goals for India Cyber Connect?

India Cyber Connect continues to target Indian and foreign cyber security firms to build strategic partnerships, and produce meaningful activity between the two. Our cyberspace is a constantly evolving domain where threats will rise rapidly as we continue integrate computing power in the most basic aspects of life. Rather than negatively looking at the increasing number of threats, I see this as a fantastic opportunity for collaboration. A growing number of domestic and foreign partnerships within varied sectors will come-up in the near future to mitigate cyber-threats, and numerous cyber security start-ups will play an increasing role in securing cyberspace. India Cyber Connect also seeks to support these start-ups via acting as an extension of their respective marketing and PR division, and manage relationships with current and new clients.

ICC seeks to work with a select number (6-8) of cyber security firms every year to advocate collaborative activities such as joint-product development, joint-ventures, or any other meaningful undertakings.

You can check out more about ICC on their website here.