Lending banks a hand with Aadhaar


With increasing pressure from the government on wide implementation of the Aadhaar card, issued as an identity proof by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), banks have now started collecting details from customers for it. Since it is important to verify the information collected, banks are under tremendous pressure. This is where InfiNeo comes in. A first-of-its-kind mobile banking platform with Aadhaar card verification system, InfiNeo eases the burden for banks on this front.

R.K Khurana, DGM of Syndicate Bank which uses this platform, says, "InfiNeo brings in a lot of organization into mobile banking platforms. The entire process of integrating it with our back-end systems was silky smooth and it was immediately operational. It really made our Aadhaar card verification drive simple, easy and lightning fast."

Besides, information verification system, InfiNeo enables banks and financial institutions to manage and control their mobile banking services. It also has a verification system for duplicate entries on the database and provides banks with detailed analytics, enabling them to view and track their SMS and check whether all the data they collected was verified properly.

InfiNeo is one of the products developed by Solutions Infini Technologies. Ashish Agarwal, CTO and MD, says that InfiNeo is designed exclusively for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) segment that integrates with their systems and helps them provide banking services with utmost security while still maintaining complete control over the system. It is Plug-n-Play compatible and helps unify multiple services and service providers on a single platform.

With InfiNeo, banks can carry out their informational and promotional campaigns at the same platform with a lot of ease -- thus reducing the burden of relying on multiple service providers and also the cost. Its ability to instantly integrate with the banks' own servers and applications and work efficiently in the background without supervision has made it easier for banks to manage and operate the mobile banking services smoothly. InfiNeo has also given power to BFSI segment to set up their value-added services in a single platform.

Presently, Solutions Infini is one of the fastest growing messaging companies in India. It is the brainchild of two college friends, Ashish Agarwal and Aniketh Jain. They started it in 2009 with just two customers and currently, it has grown to over 2500. Now they have an 81-member team spread across India. They were also recently adjudged as India’s ninth fastest growing technology company by Deloitte.

Apart from InfiNeo, Solutions Infini has a wide range of products in two-way messaging services, enterprise messaging, mobile marketing, missed call solutions, mobile locator etc. InfiGage, InfiRage, InfiRing, InfiZap are some of their products. Their SMS gateway has a capability of delivering messages to more than 1000 network operators in over 190 countries.

Along with their aggressive plans for growth and expansion, they are targeting an annual business of USD 7 million by the end of this current fiscal year and intend to become the top messaging company in India.

You can reach out to Aniketh Jain here.