[Jobs Roundup] Check positions for Java Developers, Engineers, Interns and more


Are you passionate about social innovation and entrepreneurship? Do you want to play a role in fostering social investment, innovation and entrepreneurship? These are social enterprise job vacancies available around India:

1. Artoo: Artoo’s android and cloud platform enables social enterprises in healthcare and financial inclusion to take all field processes online. They are hiring Javascript Engineers who will help them get to the next level and create a standard for user experience at the base of the pyramid. Click here and get to know why you should join them.

2. Azure Power: Azure Power is India’s leading independent solar power producer and offers clean and affordable solar energy to its customers and aims to become the lowest cost energy producer in the world. Azure open positions include General Manager of Construction and General Manager of Procurement, both located in New Delhi. Click here and here to read the requirements for each position and know how to apply.

3. Gram Vaani: It is a social tech company based at the India Institute of Technology- Delhi. Their objective is to reverse the flow of information, that is, to make it bottom-up instead of top-down, by helping connect communities with companies, governments and development agencies. Using simple technologies and social context to design tools,they are impacting communities and more than 2 million users in over 15 Indian States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Namibia and South Africa. Gram Vaani is looking for two members of the Technical Staff and a Technical Support Engineer. Click here to know more about it.

4. I-Probono: i-Probono is an online network connecting civil society organizations and social enterprises with legal assistance from around the world.They have a global network of over 1,000 organizations and are supported by Ford Foundation and Commonwealth Foundation. They have an open position for Program Manager- South Asia, who will be based in New Delhi. Click here to read more about it.

5. Logitismo: The company offers hosted web service for supply chain management. Their cloud engine is accessible via common mobile phones and web browsers ― uniquely positioning customers to penetrate resource-poor settings of emerging markets. They are looking for a Web Developer with experience in building Java-web applications, including Java, JSP and JavaScript to work in Bangalore.

6. SELCO Foundation: The grandaddy of affordable solar solutions is interested in taking on interns for 3 to 6 month periods, with backgrounds in Sustainable Development, Energy or Environmental Policy, Economics and Business. The team carries out research and interventions in the areas of decentralized renewable energy, energy financing and social enterprise concerns. Those interested shall contact Surabhi Rajagopal: surabhi@selcofoundation.org.

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