LeadEnrich, a B2B marketing data management platform from QEDbaton founders


Conceptualized by B2B marketing experts with extensive experience and backed by QEDbaton, LeadEnrich is a full service marketing data management platform, providing cutting-edge solutions to enable B2B marketers to reach their audiences more precisely and cost efficiently. It is a self-serve platform designed to help companies filter dirty data, which helps them to conserve and stretch their marketing budgets.

Brainchild of Santosh Abraham, Milind Katti and Abhijit Gangoli, LeadEnrich primarily helps marketers reduce their data acquisition cost by 50%, as the platform first checks the existing repository to avoid duplicate purchases. Prior to LeadEnrich, Abhijit and Milind co-founded QEDbaton while Santosh was one of the core members of the company. Earlier, Abhijit worked with Xerox Corporation and Castrol India (Now BP).

Motivation behind LeadEnrich & starting-up

Abhijit Gangoli

Its parent company QEDbaton has been helping B2B marketers with their marketing data needs. Over time, the company noticed that a lot of its clients kept coming back to them to procure new marketing data, which they might have within their repository already. “But marketers faced a challenge in terms of reusing contacts from their existing repository mostly due to the absence of a platform, which could unify their scattered marketing data from various sources like spreadsheets, CRMs, and marketing automation platforms,” says Santosh, CEO and co-founder, LeadEnrich.

Generally, marketers did not have an option to look through their existing data, verify the contacts, and de-duplicate redundant data records. Hence, they ended up procuring new lists for different campaigns, losing the past acquired intelligence. Considering these challenges the trio designed the LeadEnrich platform to help them conserve their marketing budgets and also target audiences more precisely.

Milind Katti

“I was inspired by the passion of great entrepreneurs to bring dreams to reality, which changes the way we live, creates opportunities for others and leaves one’s mark in history,” Santosh says. At a simpler level, the motivation kicked in once Santosh had a grasp on the problem and soon, he became obsessed with finding and delivering a solution.

USPs and traction

The LeadEnrich platform can back-fill all firmographic and demographic level fields for your data to a high degree of accuracy (often in excess of 90%). The startup addresses the B2B marketer’s challenges via three solutions - EasyLead, DataEnrich and DataDoc. EasyLead is a web form/landing page form solution which helps marketers keep their form fields to a bare minimum, hence increasing conversions and preventing inaccurate leads entering the database. DataEnrich takes care of the unusable marketing data across different files, platforms and applications and ensures verified, cleansed, and marketing ready data.

Santosh Abraham

DataDoc is the marketer’s dashboard to assess the gaps in the current marketing data and to understand how much can be improved. This information can quantify the value of investing in data cleansing and data enrichment and identifies the impact poor data quality can have on the business – from lead generation to lead scoring to marketing revenue growth.

So far the company has been experiencing a considerable market response for LeadEnrich. “We have acquired nine clients since our beta launch in April 2013. Our customers comprise of enterprise product companies, mid-tiered software services companies, large enterprise software services companies and B2B media publishers,” informs Santosh.

Future plan

LeadEnrich intends to expand its partner network, integrate with more world class data sources and add an analytics layer to its platform that will provide clients with qualified leads and reduce time to market their solutions. “Our core differentiator is the ability to connect with multiple data sources to clean, enrich and analyse the quality of data and provide real time intelligence to our customers on potential leads,” concludes Santosh.


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