MoEGIS, helping Indian government roll-out eGoverance


If the Rs 35 billion spent on implementation of UIDAI is anything to go by, then the revenue potential that automation of government processes holds in India is huge. One of our TechSpark of this year, Mobile Enterprise GIS(MoEGIS) has developed a low cost solution that can be used by Indian government help improve quality of life, improve accountability, transparency and efficiency in the various key services that they have to offer.

MoEGIS focuses on four core areas – BI, biometrics both face & fingerprint recognition, GIS and mobile application. They are using mobile to collect information and then streamline it in a way that can bring intelligence into ground activities and work seamlessly with a large number of employees. MoEGIS is targeting areas like Public Health Centres, the food distribution system (PDS) and sanitation.

In this video, listen to Vishal Agarwal, co-founder, MoEGIS talk about the potential in partnering the Indian government in their e-governance drive.


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