Music on the go with Muslate


Digital music industry has been on rise for the last decade. With many players entering this space, it has made it convenient for anyone to consume music of their choice easily online. With the rapid adoption of smart phones has also acted as a catalyst as one of the many reasons why many prefer smart phones is due to its ease of access to music and other content quickly.

Many of us have a huge collection of music and most of us use our personal computers to store them all in one safe location. Even when we have a fancy smart phone, it’s difficult to store all the collections on the device; hence it requires transfer of music files once in a while.

This got Rohit thinking to create something where a user can easily sync all their music files across all their devices and access them on the go. Thus Muslate was conceived. With Muslate, one can listen, upload, organize and even share their music all in one place and that too without any subscription charges. Users will be able to access their music anytime, anywhere on the go just by logging in to their account. is based on concept of mutual music sharing and users are awarded with MuPoints for every music track they upload to database, which they can redeem for getting music from other users by paying them required MuPoints. Along with these, also has Muslate-Radio, where users can listen to non-stop music from thousands of music tracks.

Rohit shares that the idea behind Muslate came to Rohit from his own experience of not having a single platform to access music. Due to availability of different gadgets these days like Mobile/Laptop/Desktop, he always struggled to manage/organize music in various devices. He says “The biggest issue I felt with those sites was, that they were concerned about a particular niche/domain of music and there were times when I was not able to find the music of my choice on those websites and I used to hop from one website to the other to find music of my choice”.

Muslate comes in handy for every music lover who wants to get rid of all the frustration and fuss of managing his/her music in various devices and want to get it organized online in the cloud.

You can check out more details about Muslate or get connected to Rohit Goyal here.