RapidValue makes a case with its mobile service suite for field workforce productivity


RapidValue is one of the leaders from India providing end-to-end mobility solutions. It was founded in 2008 by Rajesh Padinjaremadam, Sirish Kosaraju and Rinish K N and has been taking leaps in the space. RapidValue was also a part of YourStory's Startup Jobs Fair. In a recent development, the company has come up with a mobile service suite for field workforce productivity. The suite was launched on 20 October 2013 at GITEX - a large mobile conference in Middle East held in Dubai and RapidValue has recently starting working with a customer (leading provider of specimen management solutions in healthcare space based out of the U.S) for this suite.

According to Gartner, by 2018, 70% of mobile workers will use a tablet or a hybrid device that has tablet-like characteristics. And based on research conducted by Aberdeen group, 63% of leading service organizations feel that investment in mobile tools was a key strategy for improving field service performance. Technology is revolutionizing mobility landscape in a big way and all the sectors have been affected by the advent of mobile. And this move from RapidValue comes in order to stay with the times. “Enterprise mobile applications such as financial dashboards, self-serve HR portals, operational dashboards, expense tracker is gaining demand on a large scale. We see field service management is pertinent to several industries and this is where the next wave will come,” says Kavyanidhi Narayan, the marketing manager at RapidValue.

Many companies require service technicians to go to customer site to perform the job efficiently and a mobile tool available for field service technicians to access data anytime, from anywhere, eliminating the redundancy of the manual job and improves efficiency. This also helps service technicians to interact with customers and co-workers instantly while on the field.

“Mobile Field Service Suite is an enterprise scale solution built on multiple devices platforms and can be integrated with various enterprise back-end systems such as Oracle, SAP and legacy systems,” says Kavyanidhi. The solution can provide field service technicians with:

Daily field service tasks list, schedule customer appointments, view customer/ product and service details, access real-time reporting of charges, generate invoices, capture signatures, etc.

RapidValue would basically license the use of this product and are looking at mainly three areas as revenue streams for this product:

1) License - The product suite itself will be licensed

2) Services - RapidValue would customize the suite for specific client needs. Since this product suite has to work with existing client systems, integration would be key. Cost would be for customization and integration.

3) Support - On-going support and maintenance of this solution.

There are a few early stage startups like Hazel Media and Outline India that are exploring the area and are yet to see signs of encouraging growth. Know more about RaidValue's suite here.


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