Like redbus, RealtoExpress is helping real estate agents with technology

Anil Kumar Nirmal - Founder RealtoExpress

It is commonly known how unorganized and difficult it can be to work in real estate sector. While is doing a great job in changing perspectives towards the real estate ecosystem, other online players in same space such as, have also contributed significantly in the entire image makeover of this sector. However, working and getting things organized in a real estate office were still at the same difficulty level as a decade ago, until Anil decided to change the status quo.

How and what?

RealtoExpress was conceptualized and built by Anil Kumar Nirmal, who passed out from IIT Kharagpur in 2004. It is a cloud-based CRM solution which provides real estate consultants a platform to manage all their internal business processes effectively as well organization-wide communication with the clients in consistent manner.

Anil launched in 2008 in the midst of economic slowdown when real estate scenario was at its worst; and, like a good investor, Anil recognized the opportunity and went all in for the game.

Anil says:

"The fact that I had to start my venture and it was already on the card, I was just waiting for right time. Personally 2008-2009 was good time for me as I was already married, my son was also 3 year old at that time. But market wasn't in good shape, I took it as an opportunity. Because current market condition would help me in getting good talent to start my team, which actually happened. I started with a good team of 5 people out of which I still have 2 with me and they are the biggest assets for the company."


Like every entrepreneur Anil had his own share of roadblocks and milestones. Though the early ride was fun with all the excitement and rising level of adrenalin, and they were building the CRM solution with full enthusiasm but that lasted only until the product was completed. It was the time go to market, when they went for their first sales presentation and found out that people do not even know what a CRM is and how it could help them?

For them it was more of a "Nice to have" than a necessity. Initially there were no sales and funds also started drying up; and, as if this were not enough, 3 of his key employees also left him since he was not able to pay them and market also started doing good.

Well things changed over time as Anil had faith in his product. In its 5 years of journey, they have more than 200 companies using the services of RealtoExpress.


Anil shares 4 key lessons from his journey

a) Never give up if you have confidence in your venture (you will find loads of reasons from others to close, but listen to your head).

b) Be honest with yourself, your product and your team.

c) Understand what people want, be it client, end user, your employees etc.

d) Innovate - once you become traditional in your job then you must quit.

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