Making STEM education fun for school kids by teaching through robotics


“Robotics is all about the future. We live in a complex fast changing world with multiple issues confronting us. It is imperative that we give our future generation the knowledge and power to build a better world. Introducing little children to interesting learning methodologies at an early stage will help trigger their imagination and interest,” said A. S. Ramana Prasad, Chairman & Governing Council Member, Robotix Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd and Meritus Smart Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd., when they announced the plans to extend its offerings for school students in the state of Tamil Nadu. With an initiative called the Mynd Works, they aim at introducing students to the world of Robotix and Brain Gym Kinesthetics. This offering from the house of Robotix & Meritus will be hosted at 30 partner play schools across the state covering 7200 students by 2015.

Robotix Learning Solutions has taken up robotics with a new approach involving educating the young minds by exposing them to knowledge through learning and fun. Robotix offers robotics education for kids, through an interdisciplinary approach, where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) teaching happens in a more interesting and innovative manner. The Brain Gym Kinesthetic classes aim to enable students from grade 4 to 7 to activate their left and right brain knowledge in a fun, interactive and engaging manner, a first of its kind in India. “We are happy to expand our offerings and partnerships with playschools. We always strive to offer the best way to educate students at various stages and are all set to take this innovative, meticulously designed program to benefit kids from their early age,” added A. S. Ramana Prasad.

Currently, Robotix Learning Solutions gives a platform to students from Grade 4 to Grade 12 to develop their potential by taking classroom skills to a higher level creating a great learning atmosphere which will let the child discover creative solutions and exercise their problem-solving skills. The concept is supported by qualified teachers and backed by an international curriculum where fun with hands-on and practical approach to STEM education is offered.

“The global robotics industry is growing rapidly and the trend towards its adoption is increasing in India as students, parents and industries have realized the potential need and importance of robotics. We have been focusing in introducing this concept to school children and are excited to take it to partner playschools, which play a key role in shaping young minds,” said Aditi Prasad, Head - Business Development, Robotix & Meritus.

The stress-free and fun-filled 30-week (per year) Mynd Works after school programme, is aimed at increasing the child’s IQ, analytical skills, cognitive bandwidth, innovative and creative skill set. Mynd Works programme is about fundamentally contributing to the long-term success of the student and uses a demonstrably superior Curriculum & Training with a touch of difference.

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