[Techie Tuesdays] Rahul Dominic, Breaking all records


Most of the techies we've featured start early in the game, but this techie breaks all the records in terms of starting early and is only 15 years old. Rahul Dominic is a High school student at National Public School, Koramangla.Rahul Dominic doesn't even remember his first encounter with computers. But his parents tell him he started pestering them for Windows XP when he was just 5 years old, without knowing what it was. Playing around with the control panel when other kids were still in their diapers, it was quite evident that his future course was decided.

Rahul decided to learn to code when he saw his Dad developing modules for Microsoft excel. Though his Dad said it was too early for him to learn, they had to relent upon seeing the undying curiosity of Rahul. He enrolled for a course in C language at NIIT when he was 10 years old, many teachers remarked that he was the youngest student they had ever taught in their career.

Soon he learned C, but was bored of programming in the console as he could not change system settings. He tried his hand at batch programming and was pretty happy to get things work. Rahul moved on learn C++ but as that too did not help and satisfy his tinkering urge, he moved on to programming in Visual Basic where he could work on forms and other Graphical User Interface based things.

Though he was working on Visual Basic(VB) and was pretty happy, in retrospect Rahul finds VB as something which didn't suit him, well we don't blame him for that.

As he moved towards C#, Rahul developed his first app for Intel App for India Challenge and was among the top 10 winners, which gave him lot of recognition.

Talking about his school Rahul says he always has an extremely packed schedule and manages to fit programming somehow in the scheme of things. Fortunately his teachers have been very supportive of him.

Though Rahul primarily develops for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, he has also tried his hand at Android development. Rahul also built an app for his diabetic mother to keep track of her medications and remind her to take them on time apart from mailing the periodic reports to the doctor.

Say hi to Rahul here and check out an interesting app developed by him here.