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Photography is a universal language which communicates with people even across borders & cultures & has the power to bond them together. Thanks to digital media in today’s world, which makes it convenient for many of us take a deep dive in to photography in our everyday lives. Recently there has been a steady rise of artists in this space who are becoming more & more serious about such creative art.

Perumal Venkatesan aka PeeVee, a self-taught photographer & creative entrepreneur, feels that there is still a huge gap in this industry as there are many emerging artists who are on the look out to showcase their work, which is often very challenging for them. This very idea led him to start ‘Thalam’ along with his co-founder Dilip Param, who also shares his vision.

Dilip Param is an entrepreneur who’s also passionate about photography & music. The duo share that when an emerging artist has to showcase his/her work, it becomes very difficult as most of the art galleries showcase works of only reputed artists. They say, “We wanted to create an ecosystem where anyone who is interested in something creative can explore on their interests & pursue their passion. So, we thought why not create a space for these artists, which is very friendly, which will be a creative space, open to them all the time & answer these problems”.

Thus started Thalam in February 2013 as a space which is created by a group of art enthusiasts for connecting creators, patrons and audience. Thalam provides a plain canvas for art enthusiasts who can explore themselves in their art journey.

Thalam was also a part of The Startup Festival which was held in March 2013. Since then, there have been regular workshops, events, exhibitions & other creative activities at Thalam. PeeVee says, “We are open to anything creative. Something that is relevant, something that is creative, something that is gonna bring in community together and something that helps people to take their interest in art & their work to the next stage”.

Recently, they also conducted a photography workshop for anganwadi workers, who were exposed to the world of photography for the first time. This helped them document their daily life, day to day activities etc., & got a very overwhelming response. They also got an opportunity to showcase this work in their photo exhibition ‘Picturing Change’ during last month at Thalam Gallery. PeeVee adds, “We were surprised to see some really beautiful clicks, coming especially from the first-time users, we were very happy to see their work.”

There was also the exhibition & screening of the film ‘Bangalore lake dairies’ where PeeVee & Dilip actively participated for the conservation of Bangalore lakes in the city.

For those of you who are interested photography, you can be a part of the event STRAY BIRDS at Thalam to witness a photo exhibition, a book launch & poetry reading all on the same day. You can find more details about the event here.

You can catch up with PeeVee & Dilip on fb page here.


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