Three words for entrepreneurs – E. SarathBabu, Founder CEO, FoodKing

  • Purpose, perseverance, and people – these are the three most important words, 3 Ps,for an entrepreneur, says E. Sarath Babu, Founder CEO, FoodKing.Purpose – Anyactivity we do, if there is no purpose then there is no point in pursuing that. So, such an important thing like starting a business, it needs to have a definite purpose. It could either be money or supplying the best product. Or, it could be supplying the cheapest product. Purpose is very important, which will answer you why in first place you are there in the business.
  • Perseverance –Inentrepreneurship there are going to be ups and downs, at least in the initial stages. Entrepreneurship is like a Japanese bamboo tree, which grows to six inches in the first six years, and in the next six months it goes beyond90 feet. All these years, it develops its roots, foundation and everything.Likewise, we need to have perseverance to hold on to our purpose, and continue with it.
  • People –To hold on to the purpose and to pursue the purpose, we need good people at the right place. So, obviously, you got to mentor lots of good people in the company, so that the other two Ps are takencare of.


Kings Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madipakkam(Class of 1997); BE (Hons) Chemical in Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (Class of 2001); IIM Ahmedabad;Polaris (2001-2004); and FoodKing (2006) –these are some of the details about education and work that you would find in his Facebook page. Among the early write-ups about Sarathbabu is the one by ShobhaWarrier. He was inspired by his mother who once sold idlis on the pavements of Chennai, to educate him and his siblings, she writes. “It was a dream come true, when Infosys co-founder N. R.Narayana Murthy lit the traditional lamp and inaugurated Sarathbabu's enterprise.”