Three words for entrepreneurs - Vijay Bhaskar Reddy Dinnepu, Founder CEO, KisanRaja Innovations

  • Perseverance, people, and innovation – these are the three most important words for new entrepreneurs, says Vijay Bhaskar Reddy Dinnepu, Founder CEO, KisanRaja Innovations P Ltd.Perseverance– Perseverance or persistence is the most important quality for any entrepreneur or leader. You got to do end-to-end, by following up several times, until whatever you thought is in place. Sometimes, on the face of it the work might have been done, but not to the extent that you wanted to. So, you have to keep on persisting until you are happy with the work.
  • People – Or, team. Understanding the right requirement and getting the right people in place is the most challenging and important thing. If at all any company has succeeded it’s because of their people. And everything will fall in place if the people are good. People don’t need to have a lot of technical skills, but should have the right attitude and right alignment to the dream.If you can bind to your dream, and they can bind to your dream, that is the second most important thing according to me.
  • Innovation – When I say innovation,it’s not about ideas. To make one innovative idea successful, you have got to come up with several innovative ideas around it.Call it marketing innovation, finance innovation, investment, sales, marketing, whatever, you got to keep on innovating every day. So, innovation is the lifeblood for entrepreneurship and leadership.

Vijay Bhaskar Reddy Dinnepu

Coming with more than twelve years of experience with technology leaders such as Cisco and Intel, the Kisan Raja venture is a brainchild of this IIT post-graduate, who hails from an agricultural family in a rural village in Andhra Pradesh, informs the company site. “Strong experience in embedded C software development for GSM based solutions, Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches, gigabit Ethernet switching/routing ASICs, high speed network processors, storage area networking (SAN) switches and operating systems (UNIX) internals,” states the summary, in his profile.


Thevision of KisanRaja, a venture involving technology deployment to agriculture sector, is “to make agriculture a farmer-friendly occupation with an ultimate objective of bringing food security.” And, its mission is to “shape the future of farming in emerging economies using sustainable technologies and make agriculture a safe and profitable occupation.” The current offering from KisanRaja is a ‘GSM based controller’ for controlling the agricultural motor using mobile phone or landline.


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