Three words for entrepreneurs - R. Siva Kumar, Chief Operating officer, Borg Energy Pvt Ltd

  • Commitment, risk assessment, and passion – these are the three things that R. Siva Kumar, Chief Operating officer, Borg Energy Pvt Ltd, emphasises as the most important for new entrepreneurs.Commitment – One needs to understand what one wants to do. What is the goal that one is looking at? Once that is set, one has to develop a passion for it. Yes, this is the goal I have set. Now, I am going to work for it; and that means looking at the nuts and bolts of what one wants to do, and how we do it, how we reach them. So that calls for commitment. The commitment to work towards the goal is very crucial. Once you have that commitment, then obviously you look at how we go about it. Even if it is a small business, study that business in depth, and understand every aspect of getting into that business, in terms of technology, marketing, and funding to get it started, because the depth up to which you go and understand yourself will take you finally to success. It is not that simple but once you have the passion and commitment I think that itself will drive you automatically to look at every aspect of business you would like to enter and study it from various aspects.
  • Risk assessment – There is always what is called risk assessment which must be factored in. If you start, what are the risks involved, and what am I going to do to mitigate those risks – these need to be studied. It is not only knowing the risk and whether we should get into that kind of risk, but also how we come out of the risk. I am sure any entrepreneur can really succeed because there are so many success stories in front of us, and probably everyone would have gone through the process.
  • Passion – You see we all work every day, but tell me how many of us really come to office looking for something exciting today, and when coming tomorrow, looking for another excitement for the next day in work. I believe everyone who works must enjoy the work. One who can enjoy the work develops the passion and sees that the result is going to happen. Once we see the results, we feel good. Feel-good-factor within ourselves drives the success; that is the driving, motivating factor. We don’t need to be told, do this job, do that job, why are you not doing it, the moment we all have the people who could develop that passion. Just look at the histories of big companies, our great companies. I think they are all driven by that, so it is the inherent quality which one has. Yes I have to do. I have to deliver. If I am able to sell another 10 products today more than yesterday, at the end of the day, I feel good, I feel important, and I feel it’s worthwhile. How many of us feel that on daily basis?

R. Siva Kumar

An engineering graduate from Regional Engineering College (REC), Trichy, and a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Madras, Siva Kumar is a veteran in the field of renewable energy with over 35 years of experience. Prior to Borg, Siva served as the COO of Batliboi enXco Pvt Ltd, a company in wind power manufacturing; Vice President – Operations & Maintenance in Global Wind Infrastructure and Services Pvt Ltd, a wind energy services company promoted by Reliance ADAG; and General Manager – Operations & Maintenance in Suzlon, where he steered the installation of wind farm park with 500 megawatt capacity across 5 states, including the single-largest integrated 250 megawatt park in Tamil Nadu.


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