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VuFirst is a brainchild of Sunil Goel & Ravi Ananthakrishnan which is an innovative cloud-based video screening platform. Sunil perceived this idea when he felt a need for a smart way of shortlisting candidates, as most of the time spent in hiring was ineffective and consuming lot of time and resources. After consulting with several of his HR colleagues, he soon decided to start up as he realized that no other company in India was offering this solution and there was a high demand for innovative ways to solve this problem.

Ravi shares, “When Sunil Goel had to recruit several folks for key roles, he realized that there was a huge amount of time being spent by HR and the hiring managers. Also, in several interviews, within 5-10 minutes of the interview, the hiring manager found that the candidate was not the right fit either due to communication issues, articulation or not having the right client-facing skills. The idea for VuFirst was conceived to address this pain point wherein the manager has to spend close to 30 min per interview although the candidate was a reject in the first 5-10 minutes of the interview."

From a recruiter’s perspective, it’s a huge value-add, as it helps them save lot of time through effective screening of candidates. This might also have positive impact on time, resources & money spent in the whole process of recruitment. From cost side, companies spend anywhere between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 to recruit a candidate. But, with the help of VuFirst, they can cut down on costs significantly as they charge a bare minimum of Rs. 100 per candidate for every video upload which includes any number of shares and views of the video. It also makes it easier for recruiter as he can access the videos of candidates even on their smart phones or tablets.

So how does VuFirst work?

Using this, corporates can invite candidates to take a short (up to 5 minutes) video interview with a maximum of 5 questions. The hiring managers can preview and assess these videos. Only the selected candidates will be called for a face-to-face interview, thereby reducing the time spent by the hiring and recruitment teams, and ensuring the candidates who are called in are the ‘right fit’.

Recruitment teams create job codes and send invites to candidates to record a 5 min video. The candidates will not be able to see the questions in advance, pause the recording or replay the recording.

Hiring managers can then view these videos anytime, anywhere using a device of their choice (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.,) and record their observations on candidates and mark them as accept, reject or hold.

HR/recruitment team will then close the loop by inviting only those candidates that have been marked as accepted by the hiring manager.

This ensures that the hiring manager meets face-to-face only those candidates who are the right fit for the organization. Currently, without VuFirst, the hiring managers end up spending around 30-45 minutes per candidate even though they realise in the first 5 minutes that the candidate is not suitable for their needs or will not fit the organization.

What are the applications of VuFirst?

We have in fact now created a video platform that has multiple use cases –

1. Walkin interviews – this is already available on our platform. Company HR can authenticate the process and the candidates who walk in will record a video interview one by one.

2. College/university admissions process – quite a few universities are using video interviews in lieu of student essays. VuFirst can also be used for this purpose.

3. Training validation – After the delivery of training, the effectiveness can be measured by sending out questions to the recipients to record their answers.

4. Knowledge management – Training can be delivered via our platform. The trainer will record the courses and recipients can view them asynchronously.

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