A framework for growing a B2B product startup


In the past I have shared my thoughts on (a) Marketing focus in startups (b) Necessary elements of Digital Marketing in startups and (c) Positioning in B2B startup marketing.If you are in the product startup journey, you might find the framework below relevant and useful; especially from a broader perspective as there are multiple considerations/priorities to balance as you build up your v1 product and then grow the business. As you develop focus and prioritization, the framework below lists the key gating factors between stages in the growth of the business – and pointers to key strategic and operational areas of focus.

Raising capital is one consideration that is most likely to come up across both Early-Growth and Growth stages and is likely to depend on a few other operational factors in the business, including time to market, cash situation etc. – hence it is not explicitly stated here. There are also elements around team building (e.g., key hires/team building etc.) that are not explicitly covered here (but the thought is that it follows based on the pointers listed out).

Do share your thoughts/comments based on your experiences and how a framework like this helps prioritize and identifies areas to focus on:


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