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Mobile application development has seen a rise across all platforms in recent times. It is evident that app stores such as Google Play Store and iOS App Store are competing to deliver the best of the apps. But many of us have experienced faulty mobile applications which come with bugs which are yet to be fixed by the developers. Some bugs come to light only when a disappointed user rates the app at the app stores with his comments.

Amritanshu Anand encountered this challenge while he was working on a mobile application. He did not have the right product /service to beta test his app, and realized that many developers also faced similar situation before launching their apps.

Amritanshu Anand along with Anshul Singhle and Srijan Kedia started a crowd sourced model where a mobile app would be tested by motivated techies and report their feedback based on the app performance. These testers would be incentivized for their feedback. But soon Amritanshu and his team felt the need to shift their focus from a crowd sourced model to something that was more sustainable.

Around this time, they were selected in TATA First Dot powered by NEN which provided them the motivation to launch BetaGlide. With BetaGlide, it is a lot easier for developers to test their apps in real life market situations before launching their app. It helps developers to figure out the way app will interact with the devices in terms of performance, usability and UI/UX framework. It also helps the developer to figure out the non-performers.

Talking about the market potential, Amritanshu states, “We allow them to track and monitor how their app is performing across devices and benchmark this data to the industry standard. We also generate logs for debugging and solving the pain points. There are more than 2.5 million apps across app stores. This number is constantly increasing as more people start using smart phones. There are more than 12,000 devices which run on more than 25 different OS. It is very difficult for them to know the performance real time; BetaGlide enables them to achieve this”.

Acquiring funds and finding right mentors was a difficult part of their journey. When they were selected for MIT AITI, a mobile accelerator by MIT and supported by Google, they were able to attract developers into the team. “We got access to four developers who played a crucial role in building the product. As soon as the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was ready, we applied for NASSCOM and were selected for TLabs which provided us access to some short funds which is crucial for us as of now,” adds Amritanshu.

There are 80 developers who have signed up and 65 apps uploaded. Some of the uploaded apps include Times of India, Gaana and MakeMyTrip. They are also planning to enter the US market and release 400 paying apps by the year 2014 and include more features in the app.

You can learn more about BetaGlide and connect with Amritanshu here.


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