With monthly traffic of 3L visitors, Giveter gets into women’s fashion with Roposo.com


Giveter is a gifting website founded by Avinash Saxena and Mayank Bhangadia in the middle of 2012. Over the year and a half, this Delhi based company has been at it and has managed to generate good traction. Earlier this year, they generated a traffic of about 1L per month and have been building on it. The idea is fairly straight forward- a user comes on the site, puts in the 'age', 'relationship' and 'occasion' for which the gift is being bought and Giveter then gives him or her a list of possible gifts from across various eCommerce shops. The solution in essence helps people make a decision by pointing them in a direction where they would find an appropriate gift.

Giveter is about 10 member strong and is on the verge of breaking even. The revenue model is based on the cut from the referral and the good thing for Giveter is that having simplified the decision for the user, the conversions are much higher. "We see about 50% higher conversions for users going through us as compared ones which go directly to the site," says Avinash. Giveter has now grown to more than 3L visitors a month and is currently rapidly hiring to handle scale.Observations and the branching out

Gifting is a time consuming activity and most of us need help with it. Having been in the space for quite some time now, the Giveter team noticed some of the patterns in user behaviour. "Males have a tendency to buy as fast as possible while women sometimes keep coming back and take a lot of time to select the gift," says Avinasha. Males tend to pay in advance for products and automate their gifting on a monthly basis as well while the case is entirely reverse with women (also see how Zivame works)

Coupling this with observations Avinahsa made while seeing women buy offline, "A thought hit me like thunderbolt – I should start a fashion recommendation platform that would offer only the most relevant items from all the variety available," he says. Thus was conceived Roposo.com ('Roposo' is a play on the French word 'à propos', which means 'with respect to'). The central idea is to serve the most relevant fashion products with respect to on an individual's preferences, from anywhere on the web. "Women require a huge number of inputs to discover and decide what to buy in fashion, and we’ve figured out how to give the most important ones in the online shopping environment. Roposo only serves products that are most relevant with respect to your taste, your need, current trends and recommendations of people you are socially connected to," explains Avinasha.

Roposo will eventually be integrated within Giveter but the idea will become concrete once there is activity on Roposo. Gifting has been a tough nut to crack (see how Giftology died) but a space which has big potential with multiple players vying to take the top spot.

Have a look at Roposo.