IIT Bombay incubated Wegilant launches BlackHound, a web security solution


Wegilant is a startup in the field of IT security that was founded by Toshendra Kumar Sharma in April 2011. The youngster did his masters from IIT Bombay and looking at the potential, the college decided to incubate the company (see IIT-Bombay's SINE). The company started out by offering security audit services for websites, networks, wireless networks, mobile devices and applications, and compliance of IT regulations. Growing from there, the company has ventured into products and has now launched BlackHound- a cloud based web security solution.

Blackhound runs on Wegilant's private cloud and is capable of scanning a website/web application for security threats and vulnerabilities. "We can scale our service to scan multiple websites within few seconds. You can schedule scans & receive thoroughly prepared audit report to your inbox directly," says Tohshendra. BlackHound helps a user in the following ways with respect to his or her website:

  • Detailed reports that help developers patch security threats
  • Scheduling scans for up to 6 months in advance
  • No installation required.

BlackHound comes with a one month trial plan and the basic plan starts at $9 per month which allows for up to 10 scans.Talking about the Technology, Toshendra says, "BlackHound uses Black Box methodology to scan a website for vulnerabilities. We do not scan a website at code level. Rather, we treat it as a black box in which we inject certain inputs and check for the outputs to unearth vulnerabilities." To check the authenticity, BlackHound requires the domain name and a electronic proof that the person owns that website/domain

There are multiple players in the market with some very big names like McAfee but this is an encouraging sight from Wegilant's point of view. Affordability and superior customer service is what usually cuts the deal for a startup. Once the initial traction is there, then it comes purely down to the product for which the foundation needs to be very strong. Wegilant is a small team of around 20 people and along with the services arm, the plan is to build cutting edge products.

Website: BlackHound

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