Intuit's txtWeb platform partners with Karbonn to provide a range of apps on the phone


txtWeb is a global text-based app platform from Intuit Inc. which was launched in 2011. The platform democratizes access to information for mobile users- even the ones with the most basic mobile phones with no GPRS or data plan. Everything is textual with standardized navigation for users and for businesses and developers, txtWeb provides a fast way to reach the entire mobile user base across India. txtWeb and Karbonn have entered into a license and distribution agreement to make available a range of apps on Karbonn phones.Karbonn phone users will have access to information ranging from academic content, social networking, sports, news, financial tools, games, etc. through SMS at 50 paise per query or Rs.1 per day for unlimited queries on subscription. “At Karbonn we are excited to collaborate with Intuit to offer affordable, real time information and content to Indian mobile users via the txtWeb platform. Intuit txtWeb fits into changing dynamics of VAS segments in India and have conviction about product given low cost for users," said Ashish Aggarwal, Executive Director, Karbonn Mobiles in a release issued by txtWeb.

txtWeb is currently being used all over India across 1000 cities and towns and has over 11 million mobile users using one or more of the 3500 monthly active apps built by developers and businesses across India.

How does txtWeb work?

txtWeb is basically a platform that connects the small and medium businesses in India with the millions of mobile users in the country. It also gives a way for developers to push out their app to scale. This video depicts how platform comes into use:

The platform becomes relevant because mobile data is currently used by around 100 million subscribers and the rest of the 900 million phones still work without data. Although internet penetration increasing really fast, this service becomes effective to reach out the big India mass.

txtweb is completely SMS based and at this time there are over 700 services which have been crowdsourced. Tutorials can be found here. And for more activity in the mobile space in India, do not miss out on Mobile Sparks.

Disclaimer: The video has one of the testimonials from YourStory.


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