5ideas backed KartRocket opens up ShipRocket for all Indian etailers, plans to break-even within 2 months


KartRocket, a do-it-yourself (DIY) ecommerce platform for Indian SMEs and retailers, which was earlier offering its shipping solution - ShipRocket as a bundled offering, has recently launched a web-based API so that customers (etailers) across any shopping platform can integrate ShipRocket irrespective of platforms (Shopify, Magento etc.) with complete automation.

ShipRocket enables etailers to dispatch a shipment, pick a courier company, assign an airway bill number, and print a shipping label, among other facilities. The service prints packing slips in batches providing easy access to all customers and order information in one place. Order statuses change automatically from dispatch to shipped and from shipped to delivered, facilitating the tracking of order history for a particular order.

Scaling up

Besides above features ShipRocket also enables bulk order import and manual order generation process so as to allow all possible avenues for merchants to synch their orders with the platform. “We've gained significant traction in the last 4 months where we've sold the product as an Amazon channel partner to over 100+ amazon merchants. We have also acquired some prominent ecommerce players such as Tjori, Hitplay, Elitify amongst several others,” says Sahil Goel, CEO KartRocket.

So far, a year old startup claimed to move around 40,000 packages in total with 8,000 in the November itself. “Since we offer a unique shipping service, we're able to save up to 40% of a merchant's freight bill,” reveals Sahil. The startup estimates to have saved approximately INR 27.8 lakhs in freight costs of all its clientele base. As a stand alone product ShipRocket currently priced at Rs. 8000 per quarter.

Importance of mentors

The company plans to achieve operational profitability by February next year and Sahil believes that proper guidance from mentors helped KartRocket to develop awesome product and achieve scale. KartRocket raised a quarter million dollar from investors including 5ideas Startup Superfuel, 500 Startups and angel Jatin Aneja in July this year. “ Besides money, mentoring from Pearl Uppal and Gaurav Kacharu (founders of 5ideas) fueled our growth,” adds Sahil. Sahil reveals that company has been growing over 30% MoM from past two quarters.

Launched in January this year ShipRocket currently has over 500 paying customers with more than 2500 etailers on trial mode. The service has extended coverage with shipping enablement to over 16,000 pin codes including 9,000 COD pin codes.