[Infographics] The Mobile Opportunity In India


In just four years, a billion new users were added to the mobile subscriber base taking the number to an astounding total of 3.4 billion. This was mirrored by a strong mobile connection growth as well, to almost 7 billion connections last year, as many consumers have multiple devices or use multiple SIMs to access the best tariffs. By the end of 2017, this is expected to climb up by another 3 billion connections. Global forecast rate of mobile subscribers growth is 4.2% -- that is almost four times the rate of world population growth. If you look at the mobile contribution to the public fund, it was $490 billion globally last year. In India, there are 903.09 million telecom subscribers , out of which 873.36 million are mobile subscribers. In other words, India's mobile subscribers are twice the size of US population.

Below is an infographics, which would give you a quick overview of the Indian mobile startup eco system.

With such numbers, saying that mobile is eating the world would be stating the obvious. Yet, compared to that surging mobile economy, very few businesses are riding this wave. And that's a mistake when the pie is ready and hot, waiting to be grabbed. As an entrepreneur, there is one place for you to gain insights into all things mobile -- Mobile Sparks 2013 brought to you by YourStory.

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MobileSparks 2013 Startups

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