Sensing opportunity in mobile and niche technology, experienced IT professional starts up MoboDexter


Chandramouli Srinivasan completed his graduation in engineering from Pondicherry Engineering College after which he worked with the likes of Wipro, HP and Intel for 14 plus years. “I was at HP for seven-and-a-half years where I developed the expertise in managing global teams. I had a couple of patents and research disclosures during this stint as well,” says Mouli (as he is known). He then moved on to setup a new organization in tablets group at Intel, Bangalore, as an engineering manager.Having spent a considerable amount time in the corporate world, he felt the itch to launch a startup. “I felt the need to challenge the status quo to deliver technical innovations on a different scale and identified mobile application space as the place where most innovation can be delivered on global scale for future devices,” says Mouli. Thus MoboDexter was launched in July 2013. Completely bootstrapped, MoboDexter decided to start out with some mobile applications:

Fuel Gauge - An intuitive GUI application designed to manage personal vehicle fuel expenses on a smart phone with modules like vehicle configuration, data collection and fuel reporting.

My Finance Pal - A personal financial management app for Android devices.

My Sales Pal - An Android app for tracking Sales/Marketing Executives.

Know Your State - A quiz based game on Indian states to improve and check the user’s general knowledge on a particular state.

“In October, we decided to relook at the company strategy. Mobile apps was our core business but we also wanted to strengthen the company's focus areas beyond mobile apps. We formed two divisions - product development and product engineering services,” says Mouli. With the product team, the focus is on building innovative software and hardware products while with software, focus is around developing applications for Google glass and newer operating systems like Tizen.

MoboDexter went global in November and was then incorporated in the US to increase their reach. The current team strength is 50.

There is no dearth of competition in the space MoboDexter exists and their bet is to play in the niche technology space and deliver better technical innovation at a lower price. The company is working with a revenue goal of one million USD and Mouli is working towards the dream of delivering products with disruptive innovation on a global scale and engage with the top product companies that cover the spectrum of IT life cycle.

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