Morpheus Gang startup Playerify is a platform for amateur sports players


Prashant Pansare and Chetan Suttraway have been playing for the same local cricket club since 2008. Chetan is a sports fanatic who loves football , cricket and technology equally. Prashant is also a sport enthusiast who believes that the next wave of transformation in sports can be brought by connected and organized sports ecosystem. Both of them have strong corporate experience with stints in companies like Texas Instruments, Phillips and HP. However, they always harboured a desire to work with sports as their main focus.

“We have played together for quite some time and always faced issues in organizing our club matches, tracking league, team statistics and so on,” says Prashant. This presented an opportunity to them and they decided to launch justplaycricket in Nov 2012. justplaycricket provided an online platform for players, clubs and leagues with statistics. Things started stagnating and while consulting with mentors and investors in the internet domain, the duo met Sameer and Nandini, founders of The Morpheus Accelerator. They were selected for one of the batches and that is where they pivoted to re-launch as Playerify.

Playerify aims to be a sports platform to connect sports players and help them play more and better. The beta of the product was launched in September this year and the platform has about 850 players registered so far. “Playerify is a sports platform that will help sports enthusiasts discover sports in their locality, play more and be organized about it. Sports ecosystem today is unorganized and fragmented. Through Playerify we are trying to connect the dots in sports,” says Prashant.

The target market for Playerify include casual and amateur sports players who want to maintain a chart and profile of their sporting career. The platform is primarily active in Bangalore at the moment and they recently powered the Common Floor Apartment Cricket League online with schedule/teams/players and statistics. There are a couple of other startups in sports in India like Mauka (only cricket), SportsKeeda (content), not to talk about the popular Crincinfo. The time is ripe to reap benefits from this opportunity.

Website: Playerify


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