An effort to simplify physics with a mobile app: Physics Tutor


Physics is one of those subjects where learning can be a lot more practical. Various concepts can be explained by letting the students experiencing the phenomenon. Arjun S Bharadwaj is an M.Tech student at IIIT Bangalore who has had previous work experience and has built the Physics Tutor app to help aid learning. Physics involves a lot of mathematics and hence, the focus of the app is to helps students solve lots of mathematical problems in physics very easily.“Most of the students are often intimidated by the sheer amount of Math involved in Physics. This app will help them to concentrate on the concepts, without having to worry about the Mathematics involved in it” shares Arjun. Physics Tutor comes with lots of features which help in learning the concepts of physics a lot easier. It has Equation Calculator which helps students to solve a problem by simply entering the physical quantities to get the answer. The app will solve the equation and will provide complete step-by-step details of it. There are around 170+ equations that the students can use to solve.

The app has a Graphing tool which will allow the student to plot the graph for all the formulas and allows them to choose any Physical Quantity to be X and Y-axes. This tool gives them an overview in understanding how one Physical Quantity varies with another. This is a dynamic graph; the range of the X-axis can be varied.

It also has Wikipedia Pages for all the Units and Lessons: This app also provides link to the Wikipedia page of the respective topics, providing access to detailed description of the concepts. It comes with 160+ definitions, laws and results that can be easily accessed through the app.

Arjun proudly claims that the app has received around 3500 downloads in Android platform (including Google Play and Amazon Appstore downloads) and surprisingly around 9000 downloads in Windows Phone platform broking the top 100 barrier in the educational category in India.

Windows Phones holds a market share of 5.4% and with only 156k apps on Windows platform which is one-fourth compared to its rivals Google Play Store and iOS, Windows users are definitely on lookout for some of the best apps available on their platforms, which is evident in this case.

He adds “The app was invited to be part of Google Play for Education (GPFE) and was approved to be part of it. The app is available for all schools across USA via GPFE. Many schools have already started using this app for their Physics class”.

You can check out Physics Tutor here.


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