SAIF and Accel backed PropTiger launches a Real Estate Portfolio Tracker

(L to R) Prashan Agarwal Dhruv Agarwala, Kartik Varma

Real Estate is a common topic of discussion in many circles and it is also very closely tied with finance. There are multiple financial portfolio management tools available in the market but there hasn't been much activity in case one wants to track one’s real estate portfolio. Backed by Saif Partners and Accel Partners, PropTiger has created a property portfolio tracker enabling its users to track their real estate investments through their new online tool – My Portfolio.

Based out of Noida, PropTiger has been founded by the experienced trio of Dhruv Agarwala, Kartik Varma and Prashan Agarwal. The company turns 2,500 crores GMV a year and was also showcased in our Dell Innovators series. With this tool, an Indian real estate investor and end user now have a tool to know the status of their property investment in terms of pricing, construction progress, project and locality updates, price trends and market talk. This will help them to decide the right time to manage (read sell) their property. The portfolio tool is available once you sign in under 'my account' section on top navigation bar. For users who have brought through PropTiger, they already see their property added in the portfolio tool. For new users, they have too add the property to see the updates.

"Property is the biggest investment in the portfolio of any Indian investor. Tracking a real estate portfolio with multiple properties is of prime importance but due to unavailability of tools it is a time consuming exercise,” says Prashan Agarwal. Real time Construction Progress updates is one of the most crucial feature of this tool. Historically, people would either do site visits or call the builders to ascertain the construction updates but PropTiger now allows customers to be aware of the latest development with respect to construction progress on his property investments. The construction updates are available for around 1200 projects which are under construction.

Real estate has been a hot space for startups with a lot of investor interest. has been backed by Nexus, with angel funds, TTK Services backed Homeshikari, and a few others have been battling it out in the space along with the biggies like MagicBricks and 99acres. PropTiger has managed to build a good foundation with a formidable team at the helm and holds promise to come out in front in this real estate race.Also read: Detailed interview with Kartik Varma

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